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Thursday 25 May, 1:00pm NB Start time
St. John's, Smith Square

‘Beyond Baroque’
The last of four programmes in association with BBC Radio 3

Alfredo Perl
Alfredo Perl

Schubert Two Piano Pieces from D946
No.1 in E flat minor; No.3 in C major
Schoenberg Five Piano Pieces, op.23
Bach Preludes and Fugues from
The Well-Tempered Clavier (selection)

Established as one of the leading and most versatile pianists of
his generation, Alfredo Perl receives worldwide admiration for his
brilliant performances and wide-ranging repertoire. This distinctive
and characteristiclly diverse programme explores the links
between linear and lyrical styles in keyboard writing over some
200 years, from the spun out arioso lines of Bach’s preludes and
figurative fugue subjects in the ‘48’ to Schoenberg’s op. 23,
containing some of the composer’s earliest formulations of serialism
with its tone rows and mirror forms. The supremely lyrical style
of Schubert’s late music pervades these piano pieces of 1828 –
simple yet epic – written only a few months before his death.

‘Perl’s technical wizardry was always at the service of his
instinctive feel for the music’s natural ebb and flow.’
The Daily Telegraph

‘He is an aristocrat of the keyboard, his controlled posture conveying
a refinement and elegance which is audible in the subtlety
and precision of his playing.’
The Advertiser (Adelaide)

Tickets £12 all seats

Thursday 25 May, 7.30pm
St. John’s, Smith Square

Brodsky Quartet

Diana Baroni Trio

Brodsky Quartet Diana Baroni

Diana Baroni flute, voice
Quito Gato Baroque guitar, fortepiano, cuatro, ronroco, percussion
Lincoln Almada Paraguayan harp, cajon

Tonadas, Cantares, Valses: post-colonial updated

A musician between two worlds, Diana Baroni with her players
from Latin America makes her UK debut in a new collaboration
with the popular and ever-adventurous Brodskys.

A thrilling exploration of Afro-Hispanic roots in music from the
colonies in South America sets 17th and 18th century dances from
the Old and New Worlds alongside 20th century and contemporary
works including a festival commission from Argentinian composer
Gerardo Gandini. Enjoy an evening of delight and discovery in
which songs by post-colonial Peruvian vocalist Chabuca Grande
(celebrated for her famous ‘Maria Lando’) and recent pieces from
Mexico further demonstrate the vitality and inspiring continuity of
this heritage.

‘Diana Baroni lures those who listen to her like a siren,
with her singing and her seductive way of playing the flute.’
BBC Music Magazine

‘The Brodsky’s musical explorations know no limits.’

Tickets £19, £17, £13, £10